We know how to create the best representation of your artistry and make a music video that stands out from hundreds of others.



Live Streaming

We offer end-to-end production of high-quality webcasts, from single-camera coverage to multiple-camera broadcast. We can help you build an engaging digital event that resonates with your audience. This service is available for live concerts, online lessons, masterclasses, conferences, and other events. Stream a high definition video or audio to the social networks and make your event accessible worldwide.


Virtual Orchestra


A virtual orchestra video is a great way to keep your vocal or instrumental group performing together while being in different locations. From camber groups to full orchestras with 100 performers and more,  we guide you through the recording process and take care of video editing and sound mixing. Keep the music alive no matter how far apart you are! 

Promotional Video

A promotional video is a good way to showcase yourself as a professional artist and share your vision with the world. Our goal is to create the best representation of your artistry using cutting-edge technology and time-tested methods.

Live | Audition


If you are applying for a music school, conservatory, or competition, your audition video is a key element of your success. We take a customized approach to each recording to capture your unique sound and showcase your performance in the best way.


If you want to tell the world about the event you hold, what can be better than to produce a video and reach the audience of millions of people through the Internet? We can help you to create a video that will capture your ideas and creativity. 

Sound Design

The mood of any film or video is often set by the audio. We can improve the sound by inserting or manipulating audio elements using our massive library of sound effects and production music tracks. We can also add narration, extra voices, and an original music score to create a unique atmosphere of your video. 

Audio Restoration

Have an old recording that needs a little help or location audio that has unwanted noises, clicks, hum, or other issues? Through the use of specialized tools, we can remove many of these issues and bring your audio back to life.

Discover our previous video projects and gather fresh inspiration for your own.


Live | Audition



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